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How to find information on tribal communities, subjects, authors, regions of special interest

  • Use the above search window to explore several websites and portals at once
  • These websites and portals are listed below and subject to updates
  • Include the word “tribe”, “tribal” or “adivasi” to suit your requirements
  • Narrow your search down by also including the name of a state (“Orissa tribal”, “Odisha tribe”), internet platform or organisation (“Shodhganga tribal music”, “video volunteers tribal India”) listed below
  • Combine several keywords like “India” (e.g. “India tribe”, “Nilgiri tribal custom”, “western ghats biodiversity”, “Adivasi education”, “government report tribe”, “India scheduled tribe census Telangana”, “Bastar ecology” etc.)
  • For official figures include “scheduled tribe” along with a union state (e.g. “India Scheduled tribe census 2001 Madhya Pradesh”, “Scheduled tribe Tamil Nadu census”, “ST Kerala census”, “PVTG” for “Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group) as other terms do not usually apply in government reports (e.g. “Adivasi”)
  • This particularly applies to census figures made available by the Govt. of India (e.g. “2011 census PVTG”)

Please note

Due to the inclusion of international organisations search results may include information relating to Canadian and American “Indian” communities and Amazon rainforest of Brazil, among others.

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