Tips for teachers and students


1. Take the Guided tour of this website; this tour is also available as PDF and EPUB for offline reading.

2.  Take a Virtual journey across India: an interactive map with select media contents.

3. Find information on this website under “Browse more contents by category” (seen on the right in browsers  except on smartphones):

4. Use the Safe Google Search link (“Making the Internet a safer place to surf for children”).

5. Select Search select periodicals and type “tribal youth”, “trees tribal community”, “tribal school Odisha” (or any similar combination of keywords) to get a fair picture of the challenges faced by tribal communities in modern Indian society; and also to appreciate the new opportunities seized by India’s tribal youth.

6. Find information about and by the Government of India (policies), NGO’s:

7. Find information on projects handled by Unicef and United Nations:

  • Unicef (United Nations Children’s Fund) –
    – Search posts on this website (all posts containing Unicef)
    – Search Unicef’s website (keywords used “tribal India”; also use your own keywords in the Search window)
  • Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)
    Search posts on this website (all posts containing Unesco)
    – Search Unesco’s websites and and (keywords used “tribal India”; also use your own keywords in the Search window)

8. Find books on tribal culture; then locate them in a library near you on (keywords “adivasi music”, “tribal culture india”: