“Archery is the traditional game of Chhattisgarh”: Youngsters who excel – Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh

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Jharkand’s Wonder Boy: Prodigious Tribal Teen Archer Wins Gold for India!

Tanvi Patel, The Better India, March 12, 2018

The trio of Akash Malik, Gaurav Lambe and Gora beat the Mongolians, scoring 27-26 in the final tie-breaker and securing a gold medal for India.

Gora Ho stood strong, with his back straight, arms stretched and eyes focusing strictly on the target. He gripped his bow, stretched the string, and perfectly balanced the arrow. It was a matter of just one perfect pull and release that would help Gora earn a gold medal at the Asia cup.

The 17-year-old comes from a tribal belt in Jharkhand and has already secured over a 100 medals in state and national level tournaments.

The journey began six years ago when Gora was training at the Arjuna Archery Academy in Kharswan. B Srinivas Rao, his current coach spotted Gora there and realised immediately that this child was a prodigy archer who would do wonders under proper guidance at the Dugni Academy in Seraikela.

Even as it was apparent that Gora possessed immense talent in archery, the fact was that he comes from a poverty-stricken family where pursuing sports might not have been the most preferred career choice. The youngest of four siblings, Gora lost his mother in 2016. His 50-year-old father, Khaireu Ho, suffered a paralytic attack two years ago and has been confined to a bed since.

But the grave circumstances never made Gora from making his family and now the country, proud of him. | Read the full story here >>

Source: Jharkand’s Wonder Boy: Prodigious Tribal Teen Archer Wins Gold for India!
URL: https://www.thebetterindia.com/134050/jharkand-tribal-archer-gold-india/
Visited: 28 November 2018

Tribal village Siwatarai emerges as archery hub

Read the full article here >>

Divya Dubey, Times of India, 27 November 2017

RAIPUR: In the midst of forests, a tiny village in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh has emerged as a hub of archers during the last eight years as it has produced more than 50 national players who have secured 122 odd medals in national and state level championships.

The archers of Siwatarai village have excelled in championships even without much professional training and facilities as they belong to traditional archery community where youngsters are exposed to the skill at early age.

A local archery coach Itwari Raj told TOI that both boys and girls, being from the archery community, pick up the skill very fast. […]

Chhattisgarh Archery Association Secretary Kailash Murarka told TOI “not only in Shiwatarai there are immense talented archers living in the state and with minimum facilities of their places the number of national level archers coming out forms the villages”.

He said providing appropriate facilities with modern training will help boost the skill level of young archers. Archery is the traditional game of Chhattisgarh so if state government would help in infrastructure and equipment’s than I hope that this kind of villages can soon produce the archers of international level and make the country proud by winning medals at global sporting events, he added.

Source: Tribal village Siwatarai emerges as archery hub
URL: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/others/tribal-village-siwatarai-emerges-as-archery-hub/articleshow/61822651.cms
Date visited: 25 November 2018

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