Audio | CBC Unreserved on “Decolonizing the classroom: Is there space for Indigenous knowledge in academia?” – Canada

Education is what got us into this mess … but education is the key to reconciliation,” said Senator Murray Sinclair, who led the Truth and Reconciliation Commission [for Canada].

This week on Unreserved, three years after the release of the TRC’s final report, is there space for Indigenous knowledge in academia?

Student Danielle Bourque on why she doesn’t like being singled out for being First Nation in her graduate courses.

Professor Sheila Cote-Meeks wrote the book, Colonized Classrooms: Racism, Trauma and Resistance in Post-secondary Education, which looks at the experiences of Indigenous students and academics in post-secondary education.

Professor Eve Tuck weighs in on the challenges that face the academy as it strives to Indigenize.

Hayden King on the challenge facing Indigenous academics and faculty members as universities and colleges across the country look to hire more Indigenous faculty.

Mark Solomon makes the case for university faculties becoming more involved with surrounding Indigenous communities.

And Dr. Kyle Powys Whyte and Dr. Sarah Hunt discuss what it’s like for Indigenous academics to go through the peer review process.


The poet and host of CBC Radio’s “Unreserved” talks about sharing her mother’s story of residential school in her latest poetry collection.

5:15 “In the meantime I had this silent mother, I grew up with no mother really, I grew up with a person who fed me, clothed me […] she wasn’t there in many ways.”



Intelligent, Insightful, Indigenous. Stories, music, culture. Unreserved is the true voice of Indigenous Canada. Hosted by Rosanna Deerchild.

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