Video | “Walking is a form of dancing, and speech, a song”: An appeal by a Video Volunteer to include Adivasis’ rich heritage in holiday camps – Jharkhand

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For the Adivasis of Jharkhand, culture is their last bastion of hope. […]

Community Correspondent Priyasheela is an Adivasi living in Ranchi. Priya, a mother of two, considers one of the biggest challenges while bringing up her kids, the task of ensuring that they have big city privileges and are, at the same time fully aware of their rich heritage. […]

The grace of an Adivasi comes from their belief that walking is a form of dancing, and speech, a song. To not include their dance & music, is simply another way of ignoring their existence. […]

Source: ▶ A Culture Forgotten is a Culture Lost – YouTube
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