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Through the largest exploration exercise ever undertaken, M S University’s Department of Archaeology and Ancient History […] and Indiana-based Stone Age Institute at Gosport have joined hands for the ‘Narmada Basin Paleoanthropology Project (NBPA)’ with the target to collect all the paleoanthropological evidence within the last two million years. – 
Prashant Rupera: “Was Narmada valley the centre of human evolution?”, Times of India, 14 August 2012

Gond artists recognized – Where art imitates life

Rituals – Where art imitates life by Venus Vinod Gond tribal painting is an integral part of tribal festivities, rituals, and day-to-day living When one lives amidst nature, one’s life is the life of nature, one’s thoughts are the … Continue reading

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National Tribal University

The tribal people are rich in cultural heritage and skill of art and craft but they are still marginalized in respect to higher education as well as in other walks of life. Now in the present age of globalization the … Continue reading

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