Search select websites: Govt. of India, NGOs and international organisations – Custom search engine

Search several websites at once (for details see list given below).

Tips: (1) Include the word “tribe”, “tribal” or “adivasi” depending on your context; (2) narrow down your search by also typing the name of a place (e.g. “orissa tribal”) or one of the organisations (“video india tribal”) from the list given below; (3) type several related keywords including “india” in the above “Custom Search” field (e.g. “india tribe”, kerala custom”, “adivasi education”, “government tribe report”, “india scheduled tribe census madhya pradesh” etc.).

Please note: use “scheduled tribe” for any union state (e.g. “india scheduled tribe census madhya pradesh”) if you need official figures; the reason for this is that Indian laws recognize use no other term or definition (e.g. “Adivasi”) for official documents; this also applies to the figures analyzed in the 2011 census the government has made available.

More search tips: Names of tribal communities, regions and states of India >>

Note: The inclusion of international organisations means that your search may yield information pertaining to indigenous communities of the Americas. For instance, searching only for “indian tribe” inevitably yields also information on the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

  1. ACCORD  (Action for Community Organisation, Rehabilitation and Development) –
  2. Adivasi Academy (Gujarat) –
  3. Adivasi Co-ordination Group (Germany) –
  4. Anthropological Survey of India –
  5. –
  6. Asia Society –
  7. The Better India –
  8. Bhasha (Gujarat)–
  9. The Chola Trust (nature conservation in the Nilgiri region) –
  10. Dorfentwicklung /village development (Germany/West Bengal) –
  11. Down To Earth (India) –
  12. Eco Walk the Talk (Singapore) –
  13. Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS) –
  14. European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) –
  15. Government of India (all websites ending on “”)
  16. Indianet (Netherlands) –
  17. Indian Folkore (India) –
  18. Infochange (India)
  19. International Institute for Asian Studies –
  20. International South Asia Forum (INSAF) –
  21. Just Change India: Connecting communities –
  22. M S Swaminathan Research Foundation –
  23. Open Space –
  24. Society for Ethnomusicology –
  25. Survival International –
  26. Third World Network –
  27. Unesco –
  28. Unicef –
  29. Proud, Not Primitive –
  30. Video Volunteers –
  31. Women for Women International –