Video | Through the Eye of the Ancestors: Historical Adivasi photo exhibition curated by a member of the Rathwa community – Gujarat

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Bhil couple

Image: Bhil husband and wife: 1953, Fürer-Haimendorf Collection (SOAS Library PPMS19_6_BHIL_0142) | More information >>

Your ancestors and my ancestors existed together; therefore, we should also be together and live happily. – Muja Ratwa

Source: subtitles of the concluding discussion of the photo exhibits displayed in Akkal Bara Village as part of this joint project facilitated by Indian and European museums [13:57-14:15]

In January 2012, the Adivasi Museum of Voice held a unique exhibition near Tejgadh in the state of Gujarat, western India. Purvajo-ni-Aankh (Through the Eye of the Ancestors) was curated by Narayan Rathwa. The exhibition was held at the Koraj Hill, a site of ancestral crossings, aiming to generate awareness of the heritage of the Rathwa community. It explored the cultural and spiritual relationship between Rathwa people and the ancestors of the Indigenous and tribal peoples (Adivasis) of India.

The exhibition provided the opportunity for Rathwa people to bring the photographs into contact with other ancestral sites, away from the Koraj Hill. On this journey, the images entered people’s homes, lives and beliefs. No longer musuem pieces, the photographs were re-interpreted and treated as ancestral entities.

Exhibition — Museum of Voice
Conversations — Museum of Voice, Adivasi Academy, Bhasha Research and Publication Centre
Curators — Narayan Rathwa (Museum of Voice), Carola Krebs (Grassi Museum), Mark Elliott (Cambridge Museum)
Project facilitator — Ganesh Devy (Bhasha Research and Publication Centre)
Video and audio documentation — Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer
Additional video — Saurabh Agarwal
Online editor — Louise Chadwick
Film production — Sarah Godfrey (University of East Anglia)
Project co-director — Katja Mueller (Grassi Museum)
Project director — Daniel Rycroft (University of East Anglia)
©2012 University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Source: Journey of the Ancestors – YouTube
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